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Hey, i liked this alot

Id be giving you a 4 if i wasnt getting these mysqual errors, that was some decent drawings and a few good camera angles, although you didnt really "animate " anything, and reused alot of images over and over again, the music gave it an epic feeling, so, good job i say!

what a wannabe

her dad should have punched the shit out of her, jeez, what a whiny spoiled bitch, wannabe goth, her voice is way to high to denote any hint of evil or coldheartedness. but i LOVED the sketch style and dynamic camera angles, very nice job there, and good usage of the straighten smooth and optimize options.

well welcome to the new newgrounds

wow your movie has the exact same score as my second movie, i think it deserves a 3 as well but what are ye gonna do, IMPROVE, which is what im striving to doand it pays of, the preview of my third movie has a 3.28 which im happy with considering its a preview, i see some good shading skills here, you should draw the main character from a few different angles, and maybe try animating him walking, but otherwise its a fairly decent action film, it gets a 4 from me :):):)

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I recognize the sword, Kit Rae - Sword of Darkness II, the original model not the fake crap ebay is selling, but its drawn perty well none the less, same gripes with the others no need to remention them, on the first love pic the woman is lying there stiff as a board, if its really love wouldnt she want to wrap her arms around her lover and hold him closely? bah, im being a nit picky bastard i know, i didnt take off score for that one though, just a normal question. I liked the song as well, you chose good music, another nice portfolio, good job.

ReccaTW responds:

yeah i saw it once and it kinda stuck in my head ^_^
I love edged weapons i have a katana set at home
I really like the starge shapd knives and such... makes the drawing seem more dramatic....but sometimes a stalker with a kitchen knife is good (see book 4)

an admirable effort

very nice job, i like the interactivity and choice of moves you can do, being able to go from one place to another is pretty cool, where did you get those skateboard riffs, im workin on something in flash and i really could use them, if its not to much trouble send some to drew2007@fuse.net id really really really appreciate it.


havent seen a game this good in a while, very stylish drawings, lotsa good script, just a fun simple game to play. great job, I deem this the next feature of the day.

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